So this is me, Lucia from Herzchenklein :)


People usually want to see the person standing behind the company to be able to assess whether they are sympathetic to them. Well I hope I am 🙂
Hmmm … what should I say about me …
I am 35 years old, I have a small 2-year-old daughter Zoe Brooklyn, a Dalmatian dog named ODIN and, last but not least, the best man in the world, Wolfgang Prummer, who helped establish Herzchenklein and stand behind me in everything I do.

Herzchenklein is my baby …
… my creation, my love. Finding pleasure at work, what a person does is a gift. And even more joy is when I can send it through my products.

You will certainly agree with me when I say that child happiness, satisfaction, is incalculable. That’s why I tried to create something for them. Here you will find not only various tips for gifts for the newborn or the baby, but also inspiration and ideas for beautiful handmade practical tools that can be personalized – with your baby’s name.

Everything inspired me, of course, my little daughter, Zoe Brooklyn, and all the other inspiration came with her growing age and needs.

How did we start?
We started with our Herzchenklein spoon, inspired by the possible dental decay transmitted by adults to children. This prevents us from doing this. When the baby jelly is hot more than 43.3°C, the spoon changes the color to white to prevent the baby from burning, as well as tooth decay. And to keep it best, our Herchenklein spoon is made for you individually, with your baby’s name, which is hand-carved into a spoon.

Later, we continued with the personalized Bunny, a dummy chain with name, our first own and unique product wooden plate with Motif and many other products that make a smile on your lips not only your child ?
I want to thank you all for your interest in my products, many orders and beautiful comments – I am very happy for it!
As a thank you, I will certainly organize some good competition for you – I promise! ?
I would like to thank to my sister Simona Augustin for her help in everything I need, Steppenseestudio for photos and Deniel Augustin and for a beautiful e-shop !!
I wish you a beautiful day,