Baby Safety Spoon with Desired Name Set of 2


  • Name only possible without special characters

    Maximum 13 letters per spoon possible!

    Maximum 13 letters per spoon possible!

    Maximal 13 Buchstaben pro Löffel möglich!

Baby safety spoon with desired name / Set of 2 UNISEX
The tip of the spoon turns white, when the food on the spoon is too hot (hotter than 43,3 degrees Celsius)
The desired name of the baby is added manually to each spoon
The ideal present for every baby
With our spoons, the baby is not only protected from burning, but they also help in prevention of caries.
Bacteria causing caries are not present at birth. They are, however, passed onto the child in the first few years by parents, siblings and other persons (for example by licking spoon or dummy).
TIP: Keep spoon for 10 seconds in the meal – if colour changes to white, the food is still too hot for your baby.
• Patented White Hot ™ System
(Spoon tip turns white when baby’s food is too hot)
• From stainless steel
• BPA-free
• Dishwasher-safe (hand wash recommended to preserve the black of the letters)
• Not suitable for microwave
• Taste- and smell-neutral
• Durable
• Hygienic
• Not suitable for steriliser.
All names are individually stamped for you by hand; therefore depth and distance of the letters may differ.
If no colour preference is given, the order will be fullfilled in displayed colours.
Please don’t leave the safety spoon in the meal for too long – certain ingredients could cause changes in colour to the tip of the spoon.
• Names only possible without special characters


für Mädchen, Für Jungs, Wahl der Farben


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